Model Homes that your homebuyers will love.


Model Home Merchandising is a powerful marketing tool. You have a distinctive advantage when you can demonstrate the quality of your construction, the quality of your finishes and the quality of your brand.  Model homes give you the edge and generate revenue from the day they are installed.  We will work with you to set budgets and timetables, determine demographics and lifestyle trends, materials and furnishings that will make your buyer say "Wow".

Discovery and Scope.


During the initial meeting we will discuss your product, the location, buyer demographics, your marketing plan, your budget and time frame.  This interview is a collaborative process that sets the course for a successful project.


After we get a full understanding of your vision and your project, we will evaluate the options and set up a scope of work.  This scope will vary depending on how we can best complement your team.  Our clients' needs vary, sometime an architectural review for flow and furniture placement is needed, or exterior material selections are included. Some clients' need to reuse existing furnishings or would like to update an existing model with new window treatment and accessories.  


Whatever the scope of work, we will work with you to plan the best economic and aesthetic outcome possible.

Design Concept and Presentation.


Once the project is outlined, we will explore the best design options for color scheme, material selections, furnishings, art, and accessories.  Keeping the future "family" in mind with every decision, we design the entire space to tell a story and inspire your buyers.


We will present a solution that may include floor plans with furniture layouts, elevations to illustrate fireplace or trim details, wall covering and  textiles, paint recommendations and finish material recommendations. We will also discuss how we plan to integrate details that tell the story of lifestyle and the psycho graphic characteristics of your buyer.


This process is highly collaborative and we welcome our client's feedback and suggestions. Your knowledge of construction and our expertise in merchandising creates a dynamic partnership and the most successful model homes.

Procurement and Installation.


We take care of everything.  From detail drawings for your carpenter to custom designed drapery treatments. We design, select, order, expedite and warehouse everything your home will need to look its best. We work with vendors to find the best materials and the best subcontractors to fabricate drapery and install wall coverings. And to make sure every detail is addressed, we will walk the job site with you at several key points along the way. 


Installation is seamless and efficient.  We coordinate all aspects of the installation and generally complete a home in 3 days, which means your sales staff has a beautiful exciting sales tool right away.